Frequently Asked Questions

A Boudoir portrait experience is a luxury photo shoot to celebrate you as a woman.
The portrait session is there to boost your self-confidence and help you love yourself no matter your shape, size or life experience. 

The majority of ladies are captured wearing lingerie, oversized clothes, semi-nude or nude.
Rhian will work with you so you get the desired look from your portraits.  

Here are a few most commonly asked questions.
Do you have a question that does not appear below, or are unsure about something, you can either message Rhian personally or post it on our private Facebook group (Confidence in Lace)

The simple answer in now. We have heard all the excuses on why not to have the experience but the to be totally honest we believe that you should be able to feel empowered at anytime. 

We advise booking at least 3-6weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment. This also gives you plenty of time for shopping

A gift for your partner on you wedding day is very popular. 

Bridal boudoir is a very special celebration as you are celebrating the love you have for your partner, but most import you are celebrating the love for yourself.

We advise booking at least 2-3 months before you special day, to ensure your portraits are back in time.

The easiest way to book is to fill in the form or just call the studio and speak to Rhian on 01639 849500

Yes our professional Stylist and Make-up Artist cannot wait to work with you. They specialise in making you look and feel amazing. 

Once you have finished getting pampered, you will start to relax and enjoy the portrait experience.

Yes of course you can, but make-up for Photography is very different from what you would normally wear every day.

For the best result, we recommend that you speak to our professional team. They will work with you to achieve the desired look you want.

Our studio welcomes ladies of all shapes and sizes as each one of you are unique and beautiful, from size 6 to 36. 

We do not have an upper age limit, however we only photograph clients over the age of 18 years old (anyone under the age of 21 will be asked to provide photographic ID) 

Our studio is on the ground floor and wheel chair accessible. We will work with you and your capabilities in order to achieve your desired outcome. However you should keep in mind that these portrait experience can be a bit of a workout, as we will be asking you to pose is such ways designed to accentuate and celebrate your body. We do however work at your pace and take breaks whenever is needed.

Your images are totally private. 

We are so proud of what our clients achieved from their portrait experiences, and would love others to have the experience you have had. 

Only once you have seen and chosen your portraits do we ask if you would allow us to use the images for advertising, competitions and other. If like many of our clients and you are happy for us using the image we would ask you the sign a model release form.

Images will not be shared without your permission.

Yes, this is one of the best parts as you get to shop for yourself.

It’s always best to fetch along a selection of outfits, plus accessories and shoes to suit the style you are looking to achieve.

There are so many options to choose from including Bras and Bralettes, Knickers and Thongs, Bodies, Chemises, Corsets, Teddies, Stockings and hold-ups and much much more. 

Once you have booked in we will send you a guide to help you choose what works best for you. Don’t forget you can ask in the private facebook group or even message Rhian who is at hand and always happy to help and advise.

Yes Rhian is on hand to help you dress if you require any assistance. 

Whilst we understand why some women need to know this, we do not consider this to be an issue.
Darren is a professional photographer and captured many ladies over the years, I (Rhian) Darren’s wife, will be present at all times. I am also there to help you pose and help you get dressed. 

As we work as a team, we see things differently you, this ensures you get the best of both worlds. 

Darren is a master of the arts and will be adjusting the lighting and camera to achieve the very best results, Darren is a little bit of a perfectionist and this always comes into play when he is behind the camera. 


Majority of our experiences take place at our studio.

Yes by all means you may choose to fetch someone with you to your experience.
We do however find that sometimes having that extra pair of eyes on you can sometimes restrict and hinder your confidence.
If you still wish to fetch someone along with you please inform the studio beforehand so we can prepare for and extra person.
Please note, any guests attending will be seated in the waiting area, whilst the shoot takes place. 

Yes Rhian will be with your throughout the experience. Rhian is an expert poser and will show you how to pose and accentuate your beautiful body.

This is absolutely normal even ladies who have been in the industry are always a little nervous beforehand. 

At your experience nothing will be rushed, we promise you that once you have received your hair and make-up, you will already be feeling more relaxed and confidant. Majority of ladies mention, that after the first couple of clicks you forget that your are in lingerie and start to enjoy the whole experience.

When the shoot is finished you are feel like a new women, and ready to take on the world.  

As a custom product studio we will work with you, to ensure you have the design and correct products for your desired look. 

Majority of our clients chose Multi-image products that allows the images to tell a story of their journey and how fabulous they are.

Yes – There are a few options.
We can help you spread the cost over 4 months. There is no credence check and we only require a 20% deposit, once you have completed the payments do you receive your products.

As we are a custom product studio we do not offer stand alone digitals however these are available along with other purchases.

Yes we offer gift vouchers please contact our studio on 01639 84950 for further details

Private car parking available.
We suggest the best way of travelling is by car, this is far easier than having to carry luggage around with you on public transport. 
However If you are traveling by bus our studio is conveniently located next to  “Ystradgynlais bus station”

Not that we believe in labelling anyone, we are all special in our own way and are proud to say our studio is open to everyone. 
We all have our stories and we love to hear our clients journeys, and even though we specialise in helping empower and bring self confidence to ladies, using traditional female lingerie and accessories, we want to ensure you you that we will work with you to achieve the best out of your experience. 

Many of our closest friends and family belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

Yes – There are many places that offer local Accommodation, Please contact us for information.