Meet Darren and Rhian

Boudoir photography has helped me become more confident; I feel empowered and have learned to love myself again. I cannot wait to pass this feeling on to our clients. 

As Rhian’s husband, I have witnessed my wife losing her self-confidence over the years. Her amazing body had carried three beautiful children, endured 3 C-sections and had a hysterectomy by the time she was 40. The truth is that as her husband, I have always known Rhian is a truly amazing person inside and out, and now, after her boudoir shoot, she finally sees what I see.

I am so proud of her for facing her fears and believing in herself. I truly believe every woman has the right to feel alive, sexy and confident, regardless of size or shape. 

There are many reasons for a body confident photoshoot. Maybe you have gained, or lost weight, had a mastectomy, left an abusive relationship, etc. Whatever your story, our studio offers a safe place for clients to come in and embrace their bodies and gain the confidence to say…

“This is me, I am amazing, and I did it.”

Hi, we are a husband and wife photography team. Darren is an award-winning photographer, and I (Rhian) am a highly trained poser and hairstylist.

We started our photography journey many years ago and opened the door to our family photography studio. We adore capturing families with their Newborns and will continue to offer these services.

We stumbled onto Boudoir photography by accident. I (Rhian) was considering having a photoshoot to help boost my self-confidence; the more I looked into it, the more and more I fell in love with it. It wasn’t long before I was in front of the camera, and oh boy, I loved every minute of the day, and the photos were amazing.

Once I returned home, we chatted for hours, and before long, we were considering offering Boudoir photography ourselves. Darren, with his photography skills and me with my hairstyling skills, we thought it would be the perfect combination.



Image captured by Photo Nottingham
Image captured by Photo Nottingham