Emma's Story

Before booking for the boudoir shoot, I lacked in body confidence, and for years, I battled with my body and never believed in myself.

So one day, while scrolling through Facebook, I saw a boudoir photography post and read up on how much body confidence you gain from a shoot, so I bit the bullet and booked.

I was extremely nervous and anxious beforehand, the thought of the photoshoot would send me into a panic, but Rhian was there every step of the way to talk me down and help.

From the minute I walked into the studio, I was made to feel special. I was put at ease, offered a drink, and discussed how the shoot would work. Once relaxed, the make-up artist Julie and hairstylist Rhian got to work; I love the 1950s, so that’s the style they worked on.

WOW! When I looked in the mirror, I could not believe it was me. I kept looking at myself with disbelief, I looked amazing, even if I say so myself.

Throughout the session, I was looked after and boosted with confidence. Rhian was there each step of the way to help me relax, she helped me pose and showed me exactly what to do, she truly is fantastic and made me feel incredible. Darren ensured that the lighting and posing was correct; they work as a team, and both are equally amazing at what they do.

When I saw the photos on the screen, I was blown away by how I looked. I couldn’t believe how they made me feel, I was overcome with emotion and how sexy I looked, I never believed I could look that good.

The process from start to finish was truly incredible and just by going through the experience, I can tell this is more than a job to Darren and Rhian they truly believe and want to make a difference in women’s lives. I cannot thank Darren and Rhian enough for the shoot.

My finished photos are now on display, and every time I look at them they are a constant reminder to me I am sexy, I am confident and I feel alive!!!

I had this opportunity to feel and look like a film star for a day, and boy did I… I cannot recommend the boudoir shoot enough, it truly is an inspirational experience and one that I would happily do again.